Write-->Chat-->Use-->Categorize-->Stages-->Codify :-)

Suggest Law-->We All Chat-->Use/Reshape/Discard-->Categorize-->Stage Placement-->Codify :-)


How does this work?

  1. You have a stroke of brilliance...we should have a freedom or right to...
  2. You click, add a right after signing in, or by navigating to add anonymously.
  3. Administrators review it, and then if approved, create a discussion page for it.
  4. People comment on it, and if approved by the executive staff, it gets codified into a stage based constitution.


What is the point of spaceconstitution.com?

  1. To create an exhaustive list of human legal rights that expands upon humankind's needs as it travels beyond our planet.
  2. To discuss those rights, improve them, and codify them.
  3. To insert them into stage based constitution, where upon a society reaching a certain point, will be granted additional freedoms.
  4. To use this platform to teach the world about what rights are possible, and to get governments to recognize new rights for their citizens.
  5. To give the children of humankind a future filled with freedom, hope, and happiness through purpose.